Ustka is the best known seaside resort with special climate and landscape conditions. Natural maritime impact is used here in treatment. Beneficial for health maritime climate with high humidity of air rich in microelements, insolation and sea breeze decides about the uniqueness of that place. Breeze, apart from water drops, contains salts of sodium, potassium, lime, magnesium, iodine, bromine and microelements: salts of lithium, manganese, fluorine, cobalt and zinc.

Experts agree that the eastern part of Ustka - in the place where the apartment is located - is characterized by almost ideally clean air. The reason for that is the difference between temperature of water and air over the harbour channel, observable in each season. Thanks to that any pollution falls to the channel and does not permeate to the eastern part of the town.

Sea maps indicate the Ustka region as the place of magnetic anomalie. It is revealed not only by faulty compass indications, but mostly by the fact that Ustka residents do not have to complement magnesium shortages. Here nature has sufficient quantities of magnesium.

Additionaly, Ustka is characterized by abundance of black pine and clean air. Smell of resin can be felt all along Wczasowa street. Sea breeze in connection with black pines creates a special unrepeatable microclimate. Within the region of Wczasowa street where the apartment is located, air pollution does not exceed even a half of the rigorous standard. Experts assure that Ustka has such excellent climate that automatic treatment can be observed. It is enough just to stay here and take advantage of natural benefits.

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